Get around-the-clock access to senior IT technicians and engineers.You simply can’t afford downtime. And all too often, a major outage will occur when your staff is in bed or away.INCREASE COVERAGE24/7 Support removes the constant responsibility of having to be there to keep systems available. It gives you immediate access to a large team of experienced technicians, up to level 4, so you can be confident your most complex network issues will be resolved quickly and easily.

If you rely heavily on IT, it can be comforting to quickly reach technical specialists who understand your business. Because we document everything upfront, our technicians already know your requirements and policies as soon as you raise an issue.


  • As a 24/7 customer, you’ll have a dedicated and unique support number for tickets;
  • Dedicated support hotline – open all day, every day;
  • 3-hour guaranteed response time;
  • Escalated on-site service in case of emergency;
  • Level 3 and level 4 technical support;
  • 100% resolution rate on all issues;
  • If you’re on a managed services care plan (monitoring and maintenance), you’ll also get a great discount on the support hours you buy.

WSI Enterprise is your trusted customer service organization that happens to be fantastic at resolving technology issues. Contact us at +1 281-865-1385 or email us at now